“Tandem” Syrah, Domaine Ouleb Thaleb, Ben Slimane 2016 Morocco, Organic (uncertified)

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Peppery, fruit-forward Syrah. Warming, baked fruit and spice.

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Tandem is an unusual wine from the Ben Slimane region of Morocco, 30 km NE of Casablanca. The northern part of Morocco has 5 wine regions with 14 appellations, similar to the French system. Northern Rhone native, and Crozes specialist Alain Graillot, stumbled upon these vineyards and the Thalvin winery, while cycling in the Zenata region of Morocco between Casablanca and Rabat, a beautiful area with cool winds blowing off the Atlantic and no polluting industries. The Thalvin winery has been around since the 1920s and after some discussion, a deal was reached and Thalvin provided Graillot with parcels of organic ally farmed Syrah vines to produce his ’Syrocco’.