Drink Me, Niepoort, Douro 2018 Portugal Organic uncertified

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Ripe blackberry, smooth tannins, a ‘slatey’ freshness. Playful Portuguese glugger.

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Francisco van der Niepoort came to Portugal from Holland in 1842 and entered the port trade. Today, his great-great-grandson Dirk and his sister Verena, represent the 5th generation of Niepoorts; he is a wine-fanatic like very few in the entire world. Having elevated the family port wines to classic status, he turned his attention to tables wines. What began as an experiment, that many characterised as unworkable, in fact laid the groundwork, whereby he became the pathfinder, not only for Douro winemakers but for Portugal as a whole. The first property, the Quinta de Nápoles was bought in 1987 by Dirk’s father Rolf and their first table wine Redoma, was born 4 years later. Dirk’s aim was for a modern, lighter edge to otherwise traditionally made wine. He achieved this drinkability by holding back on the oak and picking the grapes before they became overripe. The result is a wine that expresses its rugged and characterful origin with deftness and without losing depth, the playfully named ‘Drink Me’!  Dirk’s idea behind the label was to create an easy drinking red but without compromising the complexity, minerality and depth of classic Douro wines. It’s fresh and smooth while oozing crunchy red fruit flavours, offset by a refreshing minerality.